Friday, December 17, 2010


Ok so now I'm here (in Singapore that is), we are at our friends house and I asked if I could borrow there computer for a little while!
In the other room my brother and his friends are yelling to "Hhahah I'm gonna kill yoooouuuuuu" and on the balcony my parents and the "adults" living here are drinking wine and talking about some weird harddrive my dad bought today.
And moi is the most social one of all! I've visited my beloved Facebook for the first time in almost 4 days-Ahh I love you!

What have I been up to you may ask. Well I've been shopping, drinking juice, frappucino (is it spelled that way-ah well who cares), taking photos of random people, eating like hell, terying some weird stuff, meeting up old friends, having a blast aaaaaand yeah something like that.

No pictures for now, but when I get home I'm gonna drop the bomb (of pics).
xoxo (I know, geekiest thing evaaaah, but I didn't know what else to wright XD)

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