Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A so-called blog drought

Wow, boredom to the max, no inspiration you know,
Nada, inget, pas, geen, no, nie, keine.
Well you know the drill, for the following 25 days, I will follow this list.
Yeah, this will be grand!

Day 1 – A picture of me + 10 facts about me
Day 2 – A person I miss
Day3 – My favorite time of the year and why
Day 4 – My goals, wishes and dreams
Day 5 – Something I want more then anything else
Day 6 – Type of guys I fall for
Day 7 –A bad habit I wish I didn't have
Day 9 – A picture of me and my best friend
Day 10 – A picture of me and what I'm wearing today
Day 11 – Something I worry about
Day 12 – A picture of a place I've been
Day 13 – My dream wedding
Day 14 – A picture of me 1 year ago
Day 15 – Something I regret
Day 16 – The contains of my bag
Day 17 – A person I'd like to change lives with, for a day and why
Day 18 – What I ate today
Day 19 – A picture of the last thing I bought
Day 20 – My favorite movie(s)
Day21 – A picture of me that someone else has taken
Day 22 –A song that makes me cry
Day 24 –My favorite TV show and why
Day 25 –My favorite music/band/artist right now

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