Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jour neuf - Une photo de moi et mon meilleur ami

First of all, google translate in my heart!
Second-About todays fact, I don't have uno bestfriend I have many I guess, you know.
And I don't really like the term "bestfriend" and I've never reeeaaally said it (except for when me and Nico decided to be bestfriends after we'd known each other for like 3 days in 4th grade, hihi).
Heheh I sound like such an outsider,  buuuut that's just my opinion-I don't like to put names on everything.

ANYWAYS here are a bunch of pictures...
I (almost) only have pictures of me and my friends with photo booth, I'm always behind the camera, taking photos of them.
Heheh, fail fow show!
So here are some:


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